Saturday, March 26, 2011


I would like to acknowledge  the efforts of  Jake Miller, Levi Siver, Pascal Bronniman and Kieth Teboul. These guys are a group of good friends that are dedicated to making a difference on this planet!

Jake Miller

We are watermen. Water is our life force. We have dedicated our lives to the water, and it is the water that fuels our passion, supports our profession and gives us the world back. +H2O is a platform for us to share the joy of water sports with you.

Pascal Bronnimann

Water is the ultimate life force. Water is energy, and energy sustains. When we travel to places around the world for the ultimate sport experience, there are people that need our help. Leveraging our visibility as professional athletes, we are engaging a global network of people that support clean water initiatives in communities around the world, including yours. Together, WE can make a difference.

Levi Siver

 We promote our principles:
Clean Sports: Windsurfing and other water sports as energetically clean and green activities that are environmentally friendly and family-oriented.
Clean Water: Awareness and activism surrounding water issues locally and globally, addressing challenges surrounding pollution, sanitation and clean water access.
Clean Energy: Leaving a clean legacy of wind, solar, and tidal energy, with smart use of renewable resources.
Clean Living: The importance of health, nutrition and environmental awareness.
Keith Taboul

Join our movement. Positive change comes from:
  • COMMUNITY: mobilization of intentions and efforts;
  • VISIBILITY: communication efforts that promote and unite;
  • INFORMATION: leveraging networks to share and educate;
  • PHILANTHROPY: pro-active support, creating heightened sense of awareness surrounding important issues.

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