Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kitesurfers will attempt Guinness World Record

World kitesurfers have been called for a challenging record attempt. "Kitesurfers United Maui 2012" will be trying to set a Guinness World Record. The idea is simple. Full Story

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ian Walsh is no stranger to the incredible force behind the wall of water at Jaws. Here, he makes the drop like a true Peahi veteran. Photo: Aeder

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kanaha Full Moon Sail

by Olaf Mitchell

After applying myself to work all day long, I was sure that I had missed my window opportunity to wave sail but I drove to the beach and checked the surf anyway.
To my surprise the wave conditions at lower Kanaha were still near perfect.
Due to the late hour, I had the place almost to myself.
In fact, there were only three other sailors out.
With a light but steady wind and an early rising full moon we were allowed to sail long after sunset.
We caught wave after wave.
The clouds were moving with the trade winds.
From time to time they passed in front of our lunar light fixture and the world became extremely dark and eerie.
I was a sitting duck when one especially large set wave came through.
The thing almost took me out!
Luckily, it passed under me and I didn’t get sucked over the falls.
I didn’t see the thing until the very last instant!
I didn’t want to make a mistake that could separate me from my gear a quarter mile off shore and in the dark.
I almost aborted the next wave of the set, due to my lack of vision.
I was deeper than I wanted to be and I decided that bailing would be more hazardous than taking the wave. (Often, hesitation can get you into big trouble!)
SOO! I dropped in!
As soon as I committed to the wave, the moon slid from behind its hiding place.
The angle of the light projected on that wave, gave me a view that will be forever implanted in my quiver of magnificent scenes to remember!
I dropped in and bottomed turned early. I climbed back to the lip and dropped in again this time cranking back side, (left) into the peak and then turning “right” and down the line for several more smacks.
The moon pulled its disappearing act once again so I headed back to the beach.
I de-rigged my gear in the light of the full Maui moon and reflected on a great wave sailing session.